We share our lives with 10 wonderful Siberian Huskies - Chiku, Blue and her brother Captain, Mush, Panda and her brothers Tug and Elf (Blue & Buzz's pups),Luther,Scarlett and the new kid on the block, Galahad. Also with Shilo, our rescue Alaskan Klee Kai/mini Sibe (thanks Sidney!!), our two Australian Shepherds, Magnum and Cedar and a Catalan Sheepdog named Boogi.

Bob is retired from the local college but is keeping his hand in teaching part-time and Anne is retired from the local municipal government office. Winters are spent dog sledding with their recreational sledding group run by Bob & Anne, with the help of the group members, and is dedicated to 'Getting Working Dogs Off Unemployment' by introducing single/multiple pet owners to the enjoyment of the sport of dog sledding (see Introduction). Summers are also spent with the dogs, whether working around home or taking herding classes with the Aussies and the Cat, Boogi.

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Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

2006 Blue and Buzz Puppies!

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2003/2004 Sledding Pics

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2007/2008 Sledding Pics

2007/2008 Sledding Pics

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Updated October 2012